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Science: Life

Human / Humans / Body / Biology / Anatomy / Respirate / Breath / Breathe / Circulate / Air / Breathing / Lung / Vessel / Alveolus

The Respiratory and Circulatory System

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DVD Body Systems Series
Item #: S1004
Grades: 3-7
Runtime: 17 min.
In this informative program, students explore two key body systems: the respiratory and circulatory systems. Beginning with the respiratory system, the complex process of breathing is explored. Using colorful visuals and lively narration, we follow the passage of oxygen from the nose to the alveoli in the lungs where a vital exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide occurs and the respiratory and circulatory systems meet. The cardiovascular system is covered next, including the heart, blood, and blood vessels. The importance of maintaining the health of the respiratory and circulatory systems through exercise and diet is also discussed.

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