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Math Concepts for Primary Grades
Sorting, Sequencing and Charting

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Item #: M9000
Grades: K-3
Runtime: 81 min.
This five volume collection covers the essential math and computation skills required for young students to succeed in math for a lifetime.

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This Collection Includes 5 Titles
Beginning Math Vocabulary
M9001 - Animation and real-life examples make math vocabulary come alive. Learn many math words including equal, more than, less than, number, half, whole, most, least, pair, alike, several, many, always, never, almost, and middle. Concepts include reasoning, separating into parts, concepts of order, and number sense. Great for all kids! Excellent support ...
K-3 $29.95

Learning to use Graphs
M9002 - Colorful graphics make it easy to learn how graphs are used to organize information. Understand how to read a pictograph. Learn how to build and read a bar graph.
K-3 $29.95

Learning about Sorting and Grouping
M9003 - Explore the concepts of alike and different. Understand the steps taken to sort or classify objects into groups. Learn to group objects according to one attribute and multiple attributes. Discover how the five senses are helpful in sorting objects. Sort objects by texture, shape, size, color, and mass. Learn that sorting relates to a variety of are...
K-3 $29.95

Learning to use a Calendar
M9004 - Before students recognize that holidays are celebrated on special days, they must first learn ways of using a calendar and recognize how a calendar is organized. Students learn about days, weeks, months, and years on a calendar. They also learn about the relationship between the calendar and the Earth's movement around the sun.
K-3 $29.95

Charts, Graphs, and Diagrams
M9005 - Learn how to read data and directions shown in charts, graphs, and diagrams. Examples show how data and directions relate to everyday events like finding rides on the playground, planning a fire escape route, comparing a team's win-loss records, using a TV schedule, or building a model. Illustrates that students come in contact with charts, graphs,...
K-3 $29.95

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