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Social Studies

Presidents’ Day
Holiday Facts and Fun

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DVD Holiday Facts & Fun Series
Item #: A6504
Grades: K-3
Runtime: 13 min.
This program explains why George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are given special recognition on Presidents’ Day. This second edition, updated with many new contemporary scenes, reenacts the boyhood of George Washington and provides key biographical information about his years as a gentleman farmer at Mount Vernon, as a soldier who led America’s army in the Revolutionary War and as our country’s first president. The video also shows the boyhood of Abraham Lincoln, highlighting the Lincoln’s family’s harsh life as pioneers. Lincoln is also shown as a shopkeeper in New Salem, Illinois, where he became known as “Honest Abe” after walking 10 miles to bring tea to a woman who had mistakenly left it on the store’s counter. Viewers also see him as a lawyer, politician and president who freed the slaves and kept America from splitting apart.

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